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Order Now Makita HM1500B 42-Pound Demolition Hammer

Makita HM1500B 42-Pound Demolition Hammer

Product Description
Ideal tool for chipping, breaking and digging operations. Innovative pneumatic compression system automatically adjusts air in cylinder to minimize power loss. Amps: 13.5, Impact Energy (ft. lbs.): 18.4, Impact Energy (J): 25, Accepts Bits (in.): 1 1/8 Hex, Overall Length (in.): 31 3/4

  • Innovative pneumatic compression system automatically adjusts air in the cylinder to minimize power loss and deliver unmatched power-to-weight ratio
  • Patented idling mechanism reduces hammering while idling
  • Rubber-ringed brush holder cushions vibrations and lengthens life of brushes and armature
  • Automatic brush cut-out system
  • Side handle swivels 360° for operator comfort and control

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With the Makita HM1500B, post holes are easier to dig
The Makita HM1500B has made quick work of digging fence post holes.. We were averaging about 1 1/2 hours to dig each hole, using a tractor mounted auger, a set of post hole diggers and a 6' steel pry bar to bust through the limestone rock common to central Texas cliche.. Most of that hour and 1/2 was spent using the pry bar to bust through the limestone..

With the Makita HM1500B we were able to cut the time to about 1/2 hour per hole.. But far more important, I am not absolutely worn out.. Previous to using the Makita, digging 5 holes in a day would pretty much wipe me out, sometimes even taking an additional day to recover.. Hey, I'm not the young buck I used to be at just over 50, and am a software engineer by trade..

Today we dug 8 holes, and plan on digging another 18 tomorrow.. Using the Makita, has kept me from having to contract out the hole digging (at a cost which was slightly less than the price of the HM1500B).. The advantage of buying the Makita is I now have a great jack hammer for future projects.. flk

Very good tool for the price
I am a builder and remodeler. My company frequently has to do concrete removal work. Usually for installing egress windows in basement walls or for moving underground plumbing. The first time we used this tool was to go through a basement wall we had scored with a concrete wet saw. The wall was 10 inches thick and the the blade can only go down to about 4 3/4 inches. This tool broke through the rest of the way in minutes. We were left with a large heavy slab 10 inches thick that had been in the hole. I was able to break the piece into 12 smaller pieces within about 5 minutes to make it easier to carry. Great tool so far

This hammer breaks rock.
I have about 5 cubic meters of various stages of decomposing granite to remove. The spade bit slices through the soft granite like butter. And the point bit eventually breaks hard rock into managable pieces. I started off with a pick & sledge and rate this tool as 200 times easier. Or, for every hour breaking with this hammer, you would need 200 with the pick.

The HM1500B accepts standard bits which can be bought at Home Depot. It is a little heavy with the bit in place, but it does the job.

I like the light weight of this tool for a jack hammer. I have used it for digging ditches with a 5 1/2 inch clay spade, and breaking up small amounts of concrete. It has worked well for everything that I have used it for.

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